Eternal Indian Wisdom


This section draws inspiration from various Indian scriptures

वेद, उपनिषद, महाभारत, रामायण, अर्थशास्त्र, शुक्रनीति, and more.

The focus is largely on नीतिशास्त्र – Governance in ancient times, adapted now for Management of self, teams, organizations, society, etc

The section has more than 150 powerful Sutras (original aphorisms) with its interpretation followed by a few reflective pointers to make it more applicable to our contemporary world.

The main inspiration is the work of (late) Shri Narayanji Misra, Chief Personnel Officer, UP State Electricity Board, who wrote about Management from Indian scriptures, based on his experiences – a practitioner’s perspective.

Saluting him and all our पूर्वाचार्य (Gurus, Teachers, Scholars) for showing humanity the path since centuries !

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Padmabhushan Anna Hazare’s Birthday :

Learning from a Holistic Leader

Last year’s visit to Adarsh gaon Ralegan  Siddhi remains firmly entrenched in the minds of the near 20 members of the Living Philosophy Study Group (LPSG) and Chiranjeev Gurukul (CG) not just because of the surge in energy that each of us felt through our three days in this beautiful village in Ahmednagar District of Maharashtra but also due to the countless lessons of Leadership learnt there, in such a short time. Leadership learnt in the top universities of the world can be seen in practise here, however, more importantly, the lessons learnt at the grassroots should actually be disseminated to educational institutions, corporate professionals and society at large.

What Gandhiji said nearly a 100 years back viz. “The soul of India lives in its villages” comes alive again through the Research study, which the co learners of LPSG and CG conducted over these three days – the Summary Report of which is now available for free on and also on

विद्याविनीतो राजा हि प्रजानां विनये रतः अनन्यां पृथिवीं भुङ्क्ते सर्वभूतहिते रतः
(K.A. 1.5.17)
For, the Leader, steeped in the Sciences, keenly focussed on the disciplined actions of the people, enjoys the earth (alone), without sharing it with another, being passionately devoted to the welfare of all beings

The above Sutra from Kautilya’s masterpiece on Leadership can be seen clearly from Padmabhushan Anna Hazare’s life! Through this article and the summary Study Report, we convey our fondest wishes on his eighty-sixth birthday, for a long healthy life and we seek his blessings!

Chiranjeev Gurukul Samachaar

December 2022

Purpose : To understand and have clarity of purpose and follow it in a “Dharmik way”

Human Mind is a beautiful interplay of thoughts linked to Emotions and logic. If it is so simple to understand, then what makes it complex for us to understand our own self?

The mind continuously analyses, it needs data. Its very job is to create an identity for an individual through his/her thoughts, traits, skills, habits, gender, differentiation in terms of what is mine and what is not.

From the moment we are born, our mind is influenced and programmed under different “Sanskar” from our parents, society, nature etc. Now, one cannot control these, but can we change them as we grow up? Or should we change them? What are my current patterns, traits? Where did they take root from? Are they helping me to reach my highest self? To know answers to such and many other questions, the first step is self-awareness.

Chiranjeev Gurukul Samachaar

January to March 2023

Chiranjeev Gurukul launched its 3rd edition of the Advanced Module in the first week of January this year and the sessions are soon coming to a completion .

The group is getting set to present a very interesting case study. They have been so enthusiastic and the sessions have not had a dull moment from the start. From the Sabhaa’s to the Sadhana’s and the brilliant Manthan that happens every weekend we are all surely going to miss this wonderful batch which has had a mix of participants across all ages, from Senior Executives from well-known organizations to Entrepreneurs from different domains. The Yog sessions led by Sujata Nerurkar and Tejal Vanikar Sharma were eye-openers and the Arthashaastra sessions conducted by Rajesh Kamath showcased some amazing concepts and practical tools for all to take into their professional and personal lives.

Our current running Foundation batch is just as energized and is a bright and interactive group. The module is halfway through its sessions, the group has been very enthusiastic about its Swaadhyaay and peer group sessions, and also mentor interactions.

Chiranjeev Gurukul has been actively working on growing its community through its various initiatives.

Chiranjeev Gurukul Samachaar

July 2023

Sammelan - The Art and Science of Storytelling

Vinaya Modak – Chiranjeev Gurukul Community Member articulates on the Sammelan session on the
Art and Science of Storytelling in this excerpt. Enjoy!

Storytime! We all still remember the way we used to jump at the mere mention of this. We all have
that happy memory attached to it and the joy of running to our grandparents to hear a new story
every night before going to bed. The learning we had through those stories is still stuck in our minds.
That one story or one learning has even become a part of our own personality, it gave us an outlook
on the world, and we learned about the perception of good or bad, right and wrong through such
stories. The way the stories were narrated to us made all the difference. Even as children we used to
be glued till the whole story was over and we heard our grandparent’s perspective of the story, the
personalities in it, and so on. Even the most mischievous child in the house would be stuck to the
ground. Doesn’t that take our attention towards the importance of “narration” of a story? It is an art
and is definitely a science in itself.

HBS Case Study

Converting Adversity into An Advantage - Chiranjeev Restaurants and Foods link

Organized by ISB Pune Alumni Chapter, join us for a lively panel discussion at Malaka Spice – Koregaon Park with our alum Dr Himanshu Warudkar (PGPMAX 2015 and EFPM 2020) and Shri Praful Chandawarkar – Founder Chiranjeev Restaurants and Hospitality Group & team on a recently published HBS Case Study – Converting Adversity into An Advantage – Chiranjeev Restaurants and Foods 


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